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On this Memorial Day we remember those who died to defend Democracy not only in this country but all over the world. We owe a deep well of gratitude to those who served so selflessly, even knowing they might not come home from conflict. These brave men and women understood that our freedom and our Democracy as defined in our Constitution was and is much bigger that you, me, politics, personality, and even family. Thanks to their ultimate sacrifice we live in a free society where you can marry the one you love, speak your mind, make your own choices, serve the public good, give back, be a part of something bigger than ourselves, or live simply and above all, peacefully.

Thanks to these men and women, and all the men and women who fought and did come home, we live in the greatest Democracy on earth. Although our Democracy is under attack by foreign powers and maybe under attack from our own hapless government, I and we must be confident that elected officials, service members, and, yes, even our President took an oath to defend that Democracy that we hold dear and when duty calls they will be there to continue to defend our nation, our Democracy and our Constitution.

In the coming months our commitment to that Democracy may be tested. Nevertheless, we are confident that in the end the rule of law and the defense of our Constitution, as our forebears envisioned, will prevail and in no small part to those who served and died, and those who are serving now.

Today we honor and give thanks to the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice, but also our gratitude for those who were able to serve and safely return home. We thank you and your families for the sacrifices you gave and continue to give. Without you this Democracy will not stand!

Ione Townsend
Chair Hillsborough County Democratic Party


This week, Florida teachers learned that they have slipped from 45 to 46 on the National Education Association’s annual report of average teacher salaries. Florida teachers earn $48,000/year; $12,000 below the national average.

Where Floridians DO lead the nation is in funding for private, often religious vouchers. Last year, Florida funneled almost $970 million into these programs, and bill SB 7070 before the Senate Appropriations Committee right now would expand that program.

The proposed legislation also ventures into new territory by funding the vouchers from general revenue. Until now, vouchers were funded using tax credits. This new bill would deliver taxpayer dollars straight to schools that are neither accountable to public education standards, nor accessible to all students.

The Florida Supreme Court already weighed in on vouchers decisively in Bush v. Holmes in 2006: “The diversion of money not only reduces public funds for public education but also uses public funds to provide for an alternative education in private schools that are not subject to the ‘uniformity’ requirements of public schools”. De Santis, however, has appointed three new Supreme Court judges, tilting the court to the right and potentially opening the door for the new program.

We the members of the Hillsborough County Democratic Executive Committee, call on the
Senate Appropriations Committee to oppose SB7070. We believe that EVERY CHILD in Florida has the right to a quality education. Every child means EVERY child, no exceptions. SB7070 diverts public funds from public schools and sends them to schools which are not accessible to all, and not accountable to taxpayers. Instead, we urge the Committee to fund teacher salaries. The best way to invest in our
children’s futures is to give our teachers salaries which are competitive with the national average.

Hillsborough Democrats oppose TECO’s extension & Trump’s Declaration of Emergency

On February 18th, the membership of the Hillsborough County Democratic Executive Committee ( HCDEC) unanimously adopted a Resolution in opposition to the TECO Energy’s plan to build a nearly 900 million dollar fracked gas power plant in Hillsborough County.

The body also directed the Chair of HCDEC, Ione Townsend, to write to each member of the Hillsborough County US Congressional Delegation to express the Party’s opposition to President Trumps Declaration of Emergency at the southern border.

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