Racist Republicans Call Kwanzaa "Fake"

One of the Republican Party's rising stars, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, called Kwanzaa "a fake religion created by a sociopath." Her fundamentally incorrect comments about this celebration of African-American heritage show her ignorance and prejudice, and she's not alone in her party. Republican Senator Ted Cruz also took some time to publicly question the validity of Kwanzaa in an attack on Senator Elizabeth Warren when she dared to wish well for her fellow Americans on a holiday important to them.


We're ashamed to see United States elected officials behaving this way. We all deserve better and should expect better.


Learn more about Greene's shameful attack by following the links below.


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As Democrats, we agree that diversity is our nation's strength, but Republicans react with hostility towards the different cultures that make up our wonderful melting pot. We are all stronger when we can freely share the values that are important to us, learning and growing together—not mocking things we clearly don't understand.

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