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 El Paso Mass Shooting: Message from the Chair

 Residents of Hillsborough County,

 Once again, our nation mourns. Twenty more dead in El Paso, nine in Dayton. Our screens are filled with images of shocked and numb relatives, flashing lights on ambulances and police in bullet proof vests. Two tragedies barely 14 hours apart; both within a week of the last mass shooting by another domestic terrorist using an assault weapon. My heart aches for the people of these towns.

 And yet even as we mourn, we assess:  This could just as easily have happened here. When will our number come up? How do we protect our loved ones when Republican administrations, flush with NRA campaign donations, will not?

 We in Hillsborough County will wait no longer. Hillsborough county Democrats demand that the legislators in the State of Florida stand up to the NRA and pass meaningful, commons sense gun control NOW.

 We further endorse putting an amendment on the Florida’s 2020 ballot to constitutionally ban the sale of assault weapons.

We need 700,000 signatures to get this on the ballot. Please add your voice to this call for change by signing the Assault Weapons Ban Petition. You can download, print, sign and mail your petition to the Hillsborough County Democrats at 13221 N. 56th Street, Temple Terrace, Fl. 33617; or scan or sign online and email to

Yours in solidarity,

Ione Townsend, Chairman

Hillsborough County Democratic Executive Committee



How your vote is protected in Hillsborough County

Your vote in Hillsborough County is safe, according to Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections Craig Latimer.

“I am confident our votes are not going to be hacked. We have enough checks and balances,” Latimer told the Hillsborough Society on August 9.

“Our minds were attacked. Our voter systems were not hacked,” Latimer said, referring to the broadly reported 2016 penetration of two counties in Florida by the Russians. No votes or registrations were affected by the penetration, he emphasized.

Senator Marco Rubio has refused to reveal which counties were targeted, because he claims that information would reveal methods and sources, but Latimer says he is confident Hillsborough is not one of them.

Any single break in, should it succeed, would be immediately noticed, Latimer says. There are electronic and paper backups and redundancies, and processes in place to audit changes to the voter registration database. If someone were to change addresses in the system, for example, “we can go back a month and see (the change),” he says.

If discrepancies are spotted at the polls, potential voters are issued a provisional ballot, which goes into a special envelope so the voter’s eligibility can be researched.

The bottom line is that if a bad actor were to make changes to the voter registration database it would slow things down, but it would not change the outcome.

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Kennedy King Tickets on Sales Now!

Come break bread on September 24th  with several hundred of your favorite like-minded people at the Downtown Hilton.  Listen to top-name Democrats and learn what’s been cooking behind the scenes this past year – we have BIG PLANS for BIG CHANGE in 2020, and we want you to be a part of it!

The Kennedy King dinner is the Hillsborough County Democrats’ largest fundraiser of the year. All proceeds go to the Victory Fund, which means every penny goes directly to helping Democrats get elected in 2020. Last year we BROKE EVERY RECORD – gross revenue raised, net revenue raised, and attendance. This year, we’re going to SMASH THOSE RECORDS AGAIN!

There will be a general reception with a cash bar, followed by a formal dinner. Come on your own or sponsor a table for ten! Other sponsorship opportunities are available. VIPs will enjoy a private reception with the keynote speaker before the dinner.

Early bird pricing is available until August 19. Click here for details and to order tickets.

Hillsborough County Leads the Way on Criminal Justice Reform

“Lock ‘em up and put ‘em away – it’s an outdated way of thinking,” Florida State Attorney Andrew Warren told a crowded room at a meeting of influential county  Democrats and large donors at the Hillsborough Society quarterly meeting on June 13th.

Warren became Florida’s top prosecutor in 2016 on a pledge to bring about broad scale criminal justice reform. His platform emphasized victim support, being tough on violent offenders and domestic abusers and using civil citations and other diversions to keep low-level offenders – especially kids – out of prison and help them onto a better path.

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