Hillsborough County Democratic Leadership

Meet All of Our Leadership and Connect!

Ione Townsend, Chair

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Vanessa Lester, Vice Chair of Operations

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Joe Walters, Vice Chair of Outreach

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Julie Ford, Treasurer


Secretary Sara Gozdor

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Alma Gonzalez, State Committeewoman

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Russ Patterson, State Committeeman

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Committee Chairs

Constitution and Bylaws – Benjamin Geiger

Diversity and Inclusion – Stacey Carter

Finance – Pete Dudley

Credentials – Alex Ayala

Precinct, Field Committee – Janet Kennedy

Legislative Liaison – Susan Smith

Campaign/Candidates Committee – Valerie Chuchman

Membership – Matt Gozdor

Public Relations – Mirela Stimus

Information Technology – Rick Myers

Community Outreach – Paul Ryerson

Platform – Nina Tatlock

Region Leaders & Region Information

We have divided the county into regions and districts (made up of precincts) for better communication and mobilization. Look at the maps to help you identify your region and districts. Reach out to the leader for information on volunteer opportunities in your area.

Region 1 Leader & Information

Region Leader РJanet Kennedy thejanetkennedy@gmail.com

Region 2 Leader & Information
Region 3 Leader & Information

Russ Patterson russpat@gmail.com

Region 4 Leader & Information
Region 5 Leader & Information

Rebecca Myers nasagreen@hotmail.com


Region 6 Leader & Information
Region 7 Leader & Information

Region Leader: Russ Conn russ.conn@hcfldems.org