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The Hillsborough Democratic Party is an all-volunteer organization.  Without volunteers, there is no Democratic Party.

We know that family and work and life in general take a lot of time and effort. Not everyone will have the same amount of time left in their schedule to help elect Democrats, but if you have even a little time,



The Hillsborough Democratic Party, formally, the Hillsborough County Democratic Executive Committee or HCDEC, fundamentally and legally has one role:  to influence elections. We support Democratic candidates and issues that address and advance Democratic values.  We try to identify people who share our values and encourage them to register and to vote. If you share our values and would like to become more involved, here are some ways to do that, at various levels of commitment.  Whatever level you choose, THANK YOU!


Commitment:  As much or as little as you choose, when you choose.

Staying informed is important, and with this knowledge, you can help us spread the word with your family, neighbors, and co-workers who might be interested to learn more.


Commitment:  Most clubs and caucuses meet monthly for one to two hours. Some meetings are hybrid in-person/online. There may be a small annual dues fee (typically less that $50) if you regularly attend and wish to vote on officers and issues.

Meet like-minded people who are your neighbors or who share a specific interest. Most clubs and caucuses have a speaker or program as part of their monthly meeting.

Clubs are generally based on location. For example:

  • North Tampa Dems
  • South Tampa Dems
  • South Shore Dems
  • Plant City Dems

Caucuses are groups with a shared background or interest. For example:

  • Democratic Black Caucus
  • Democratic Disability Caucus
  • Democratic Environmental Caucus
  • Democratic Jewish Caucus

For a full list, please visit our Clubs and Caucuses page


This level is the grassroots, rubber meets the road (or in our case, sneakers meet the sidewalk) backbone of the Democratic Party. 

Commitment:  Varies by activity.  Canvassing for new voters is generally one weekend every three months. Office volunteers may need to commit to a shift for several months. Please fill out our VOLUNTEER SIGN-UP FORM, so we can contact you and talk about your interests and how much time you have available.


  • Door-to-door canvassing
    • Voter registration
    • Issues and candidate support
  • Staffing tables at events
  • Office help
  • Phone banking (calling voters)
  • Poll Greeter
  • Poll Watcher (This is a paid position with the Hillsborough Supervisor of Elections Office, which has specific requirements.  HCDEC provides additional training.)
  • Volunteer on an HCDEC Committee

A full list of volunteer activities is on our VOLUNTEER SIGN-UP FORM


At this level, you’re joining the Hillsborough County Democratic Executive Committee.

Commitment:  A minimum of one meeting per month and minimum volunteer time that varies.  Plan for at least two hours volunteer time per month, more starting about six months before the next General Election.

Precinct captains receive specific training for their role.  Basic requirements are shown below, and for more information you can find our Precinct Captain Manual at

  • Neighborhood (precinct) canvassing, and coordinating with or organizing other volunteers to help canvas in your precinct (required)
  • Attend monthly DEC meetings (required)
  • Eligible to vote for HCDEC Leadership
  • Volunteer to Chair an HCDEC Committee
  • Volunteer to train other volunteers


Commitment:  Generally two to four hours per week

District and regional Hillsborough County HCDEC leaders perform precinct captain duties in their own precincts.  In addition, they coordinate larger activities that encompass more than one precicnt. They support and provide ongoing training to less experienced precinct captains.


Commitment:  Generally at least four hours per week; more in the immediate run-up to Election Day or special events

  • Committee Chairs
  • Elected Officer
  • At higher levels, interact with and have a voice in policies of the Florida Democratic Party, HCDEC's parent organization


An adjunct body to HCDEC, the Hillsborough Society offers members special programs with access to local elected officials, Florida Democratic Party leadership, and visiting national figures.

Commitment:  Dues are a minimum contribution of $500 per year for those 39 and under, $1,000 per year for those 40 and above. Dues go to support HCDEC activities. For more information, please visit our Hillsborough Society page.

All volunteers, regardless of level, are expected to comply with the HCDEC Code of Conduct found ____________________________________.  HCDEC members (precinct captains and above) are required to sign a loyalty oath.