Attend the Hillsborough County School Board Meeting!

Tuesday, March 28, 2023. YOU MUST BE IN PLACE TO SPEAK BY 9:45 am


Call to Action: Stop the banning of  “This Book Is Gay” By Juno Dawson

The book was in the library of Pierce Middle School. It was challenged by a woman last year. It went through the review process, and the challenge did not hold.  The book was allowed to stay on the shelf.  The challenger has the right to appeal, and she did, which brings the issue before the School Board.   

Public comment will be limited to opposition or support of “This Book Is Gay.”   In case you did not have the time to read the book, below are links to the comments made by both review committees. 

1st review by the Pierce Middle School  REVIEW DOCUMENTS
2nd review at the District Level   REVIEW DOCUMENTS
(side note) If you read the review from the Middle School at the time of the review there wasn’t even a copy of the book in the library.  They originally had two copies, one was checked out and never returned, and the other copy had been missing for months.  We do not know the current situation.  The meeting notes were from Oct. 2022.

Can’t attend in person, email the Board Here



Contact your State Representative regarding:

  • VOTE NO on HB 543 Public Safety — the permitless carry gun bill that will harm public safety;
  • VOTE NO on HB 3 Government and Corporate Activism —  Bans socially conscious consideration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors like climate change and racial inequality from being considered in state-level investments in pension, education and SBA funds.
  • VOTE NO on HB 133 Fees in Lieu of Security Deposits — a bill that preys on renters with non refundable additional fees so they have the ability to move into apartments/homes;
  • VOTE NO on HJR 31 Partisan Elections for Members of District School Boards — Proposes amendments to State Constitution to require members of district school board to be elected in partisan election.

Contact your State Senator regarding:

  • VOTE NO on SB 150 Public Safety — the permitless carry gun bill that will harm public safety;
  • VOTE NO on SB 202 K-12 Education — the expanded voucher bill that will funnel money away from public schools to private schools with little oversight and will allow millionaires to access taxpayer dollars for pricey private schools.
  • VOTE NO on SB 256 Employee Organizations Representing Public Employees — the public union busting bill that is directed primarily at teachers.
  • VOTE YES on SB 130 Domestic Violence — “Greyson’s Law” would allow the courts to consider tangible evidence of domestic violence against a parent when determining custodial rights.

Florida State Legislators Representing Hillsborough County 

State Senators 

District Party  

14 Collins Jay (850) 487-5014  
16 Rouson Darryl (850) 487-5016  
20 Boyd Jim (850) 487-5020  
23 Burgess Danny (850) 487-5023  

State Representatives 

62 Rayner Michelle (850) 717-5062  
63 Hart Dianne (850) 717-5063  
64 Valdes Susan (850) 717-5064  
65 Gonzalez Pittman Karen (850) 717-5065  
66 Koster Traci (850) 717-5066  
67 Driskell Fentrice (850) 717-5067  
68 McClure Lawrence (850) 717-5068  
69 Alvarez Daniel (850) 717-5069  
70 Beltran Mike (850) 717-5070