Canvassing Tips and Best Practices

Modified 1/21/2021 (for pandemic precautions) 


PANDEMIC (COVID 19) PRECAUTIONS: these requirements are designed to keep you, your canvassing buddy(ies) and your voter safe. 

  1. Always wear a mask and cover your nose and mouth: this is a disease spread by naso (nose) and pharyngeal (mouth) droplets. Due to the new, more contagious variants, double-masking (minimum of surgical mask + cloth mask) is required.  
  1. Knock on voters door and immediately step back 6-8 feet from the door. 
  1. Take extra pens and allow the voter to keep any pen they use to fill out our forms 
  1. Immediately cleans hands for 20 seconds with hand sanitizer. 
  1. Avoid touching your face. 



  • Be yourself. You will be provided a script with key points to make and questions to ask: one will be THE ASK.  Please become familiar with it and make it your own: do not read it word for word like a robot. Your own words spoken from the heart about why this issue matters to you will more likely yield the results you want. 
  • Practice.  Practicing your opening line to the voter is important: you only have about 30 seconds to engage the voter’s interest. Practicing is key to readiness. Be ready to make your “THE ASK” quickly and succinctly. Practice makes you be more concise, confident and comfortable when you hit the streets. 
  • Listen as much as you talk. Key point to remember: people want to be heard. The voter is more likely reply positively to your ASK if they have a chance to talk about their feelings. Remember it is about relationship building. Ask questions and engage. 
  • Do not forget the direct ASK.  And there may be more than one. 


  • Work in pairs for safety: especially in unfamiliar neighborhoods. One person can work odd side of street and the other can work even. Always stay in eye sight of one another. Have each other’s phone number. 
  • Knock and step back: Do not crowd the door: may be perceived as aggressive 
  • Smile: conveys approachability and friendliness: that you like what you are doing.  
  • Wear Blue Clothing: it carries or infers a message. Blue is the branding of the Democratic Party. Also wear a name badge.  
  • Walk on Side Walks and in driveways: please do not walk across someone’s lawn. Respect other’s property. 
  • Safety: watch for dogs (not all dogs are friendly). Avoid houses with aggressive dogs. If you have the phone number of the home owner given them a call and ask if you may approach. 
  • Know you script and the ASK: be prepared with a script that you have read and practiced. Make it your own. 
  • Know your legal rights: Canvassing is NOT solicitation: you are not selling anything.  Political canvassing has been ruled by the USSC repeatedly to be protected first amendment free speech.  
  • Be Courteous, patient and friendly: You represent candidates and the Party.  
  • Respect NO TRESPASSING signs (it is the law). Do not enter homes even if invited. 
  • Do Not remove: other candidates’ literature or signs. 
  • Leave literature on Doors: NEVER in mailboxes (putting anything in the mail box is a federal crime). 
  • Say “thank you”: Thank the voter for speaking with you when you leave 
  • IMPORTANT: at the end of your shift take all completed forms to your canvassing captain, District Leader or Regional Director (all forms are to be turned in as soon as possible to meet the Laws associated with voter registration forms and so we avoid a financial fine).*
  • All forms are to be turned in to the SOE at the Falkenberg Office within 5 days of the voter signing the document.