About The Hillsborough County DEC



The Hillsborough County Democratic Executive Committee (also known as the DEC or Hillsborough County Democratic Party) is the statutory arm of the Florida Democratic Party It is our responsibility to discharge Florida Democratic Party affairs within the county. Our primary responsibility is to engage voters thru such activities as neighbor to neighbor conversations, voter registration, getting out the vote, electing Democrats to public office and promoting Democratic values.

As the local branch of the Florida Democratic Party we offer the resources needed to be a force in moving our state and our nation to prosperity and equality. If you would like to be a part of making a difference at a local level, this is the place to start. Attend one of our Executive Committee meetings (all are welcome), or a club or caucus meeting. If this is your first time getting involved, you are not alone. Don’t let that stop you.

Let us provide the resources you need to become an active participant in changing our state and our nation. From helping the disadvantaged and improving our school systems to ensuring health care for all and a prosperous economy, we strive to adopt laws and policies to make life better for all Americans.

Whether you are new or a longtime member, the Democratic Executive Committee (DEC) is an organization that will allow you to play an important role in building the Democratic Party in Hillsborough County.


The DEC is managed by its members and through its elected party leadership. Every two years, including immediately following the U.S. Presidential Election, the DEC elects its officers at its organizational meeting: a Chair, a Vice Chair of Operations (1st Vice Chair), a Vice Chair of Outreach (2nd Vice Chair), a State Committeewoman, a State Committeeman, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.

Our business work is accomplished through a committee structure including such committees as the Credentials Committee; the Rules and Bylaws Committee; the Diversity and Inclusion Committee; the Campaign and Precinct Committee; the Legislative Liaison Committee; the Young Democrats Committee; the Public Relations Committee, and other committees.

We try hard to have a community presence and once a month participate in a public service activity.


The DEC is the governing body of the Democratic Party in Hillsborough County. Its purpose is to build a strong Democratic Party in our County, for the purpose of electing Democratic candidates to offices at all levels. Here are some of the many activities the DEC engages in:

  • We provide a forum for the exchange of ideas.
  • We follow and support political issues of importance to Democrats.
  • We recruit and train volunteers at the local level.
  • We register voters.
  • We talk to voters on the phones and at the doors to persuade them to vote for Democratic candidates and support Democratic issues.
  • We raise money for the Party and for Democratic candidates.
  • We identify and support new leaders in the Democratic Party.
  • We supervise all Democratic Party matters throughout the County.


On the third Monday of every month, we meet to discuss local and national matters. Our membership is composed of registered Democrats who want to actively participate in the decision-making process of the Democratic Party on a county level. Learn more about membership.



The DEC is a diverse organization, with members representing all segments of our community. Whether you become a member of the DEC, a club, a caucus or volunteer, you can participate with fellow Deomcrats.


Attend a meeting of the DEC or a Club or Caucus. That is the best way to learn about our party and how you can be a part of the next Blue Wave.